Launch campaign for a non-alchoholic Mojo drink. Commercial was made in "weird asian ads" style - asian girls, catchy colors and memorable song about the product.

Nothing like this was made before on Ukrainian market, so it blew people minds and sales as well. Campaign gone viral itself, under 1.000.000 views during first two weeks.
Viral effect reached maximum level when popular TV program «Большая разница» (the analogue of american  MadTV) created several parodies on this ad.

Client: New Products
Agency: Adventa Lowe Kiyv
Creative Director: Oleksiy Pasichnyk
Creative Group Head: Evegeniy Gozeyshiy
Art Director: Michel Zvegintsev
Copywriter: Eugene Pakhmutov
Account Manager: Anna Balycheva

Production: Adrenalin Brothers
Director: Burint Ramany 
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